Paris | the unrated files.

When we came back from France last summer I obviously had a lot of pictures to go through. But I’d already done quite a bit of editing on the road with Snapseed and I used that first cut as a starting point when I sat down to process the files at home.

These days I’m on an editing binge, trying to trim down and focus my portfolio for a couple of projects. This weekend I went through those X100 files from France and while most of my editing made sense, I found these few leftovers, rotting unnoticed in their 0 stars, unrated purgatory. Anonymous.

I happen to like quite a few of them.

Moral of the story: never, ever delete anything.


P.S Zack Arias has an X-Pro1 to test out. His first post about it is here. Very much looking forward to reading more. Lucky dog.