Project Countdown & Revisiting Landscapes

It’s been a slow, slow week for updates on my end. One of the reasons is an upcoming project that I believe a lot of you will find interesting. Not saying anything more except this: it launches next week, November 15. I’ll of course be back with a lot more info next thursday… 

In other news: Fujifilm released a maintenance update for the X-Pro1 a few days ago. You can get the info on what’s been fixed and/or added here but for me the biggest story is that it won’t wipe out your settings! Wow. And it’s not even mentioned in the release notes. This took me completely by surprise but I have to say I’m thrilled they’ve finally made this happen. I sat dumbfounded for a couple of seconds after upgrading, wondering why I was feeling like something was missing. No date to set, no customizations to go through, no presets to re-create. Yesss.

I leave you with some images from last summer that I’ve been revisting as part of my move to Lightroom.
Have a great weekend everyone — and see you next week ;)