It was only three months ago that I decided to launch a “sub blog” called Editions. I wanted a space specifically dedicated to essays and visual storytelling, something that was fast becoming an essential part of my approach to photography. Well, Editions is no more.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a collaborative effort: the KAGE COLLECTIVE. Same approach, same focus, redux. I’m also no longer on my own but sharing the spotlight with three fantastic photographers: Paul Pride (England), Derek Clark (Scotland) and Robert Catto (New Zealand). This gives us three continents to play in ;)

Our goal is also expanded: this new site is essentially our portfolio. We’re offering rights-managed licensing, prints and services for both editorial assignments and commissioned work. We’ll also be publishing an annual print issue featuring the year’s output.

Another important point: we’ve decided to make the X series cameras the common baseline for the work we’ll be doing. Exclusively. This isn’t out of blind fanboyism but part of a very deliberate approach that involves both philosophical and technical considerations. I’ve come to believe in the zen of technology. Design affects results. We’re always creating around the strengths and shortcomings of our tools, which means our work is in turn strongly influenced by their capabilities. Using a similar, fixed set of tools, while restrictive, also creates a working framework.

Furthermore, this stems from a strong desire for transformation, something we all share at the moment. All of us are in transition, moving into new, less obvious zones. And the Fuji cameras have played a large part in this migration of our creative souls.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about photography, about what it means to me and how I want to proceed, quite as much as I have these past three months. I’ve done this in the course of building the project but I’ve even written pages to myself, trying to make sense of it all. Sometimes putting down words on paper helps me clarify what I’m trying to achieve.

The path upon which I began with the X100 is now wide open. It all feels incredibly right.

In case you’re wondering, kage means shadow, shade, other side in japanese. In this context it obviously holds all sorts of connotations, which I’m sure you can figure out on your own.

The site is now live and features three brand new stories as well as reworked versions of the four Editions essays. We’re offering both 11x14 and 18x24 STORY prints for sale — premium C-prints featuring 9 images from one story on a single sheet. Until December 6 you get a 15% discount using the code on this page.

I hope you’ll enjoy our new venture and follow us through the maze. And speaking of following: obligatory Twitter and Facebook accounts are of course part of the mix.

It’s great to finally share this with all of you. I now leave you with what we like to call the manifesto. See you on the other side…

“This is not about forced reality. It is not about pure reportage without intent. It is about resolute interpretations of the moment. The eye as ghost and poet and translator.


We believe in interaction without interference, in rogue infiltrations borne out of respect. The image as truth and as point of view.

We vow to be shadows.
We vow to search for light.”