Vestiges | and an X100 reborn.

I mentioned last friday how my X100 had been acting up since the last firmware update and how a full reset had cured my problems. I decided to take a good look at the effect of various changes to the camera’s default settings, just to see if I could find a cause to the exposure problems I’d been having before the reset. Two things have come to my attention that I feel may be worth sharing:

  1. Dynamic Range: the default is 100. I had set mine to Auto, making use of the camera’s capacity to go up to 400 at higher ISO settings. This only affects the output to JPEG files but it also seems to have an impact on how the X100 evaluates a scene’s exposure. Translation: not ideal.
  2. Auto ISO: Specifically the minimum shutter speed entered here. Obviously this would affect how the camera reacts but it seems to again specifically impact exposure evaluation, making exposure compensation harder to predict.

I’m still not sure if my problems were due to a combination of these settings or an actual bugginess that was fixed by the reset. I’d been shooting with these settings for a long time, including our trip to France so clearly something more was at play. The good new is that this has almost been a rebirth. The X100 is performing as it never has. Seriously. Everything is super smooth, fast and accurate in a way it never was. 

The mystery continues but for now, I’m a happy guy.


On saturdays we run
caught between dances    & visitors
errands    life.
On saturdays    I drift
for a single lonely hour
I prowl these vestiges    of abandoned rituals.