Odds & Ends | brought to you by my kitchen

It’s been awhile since I did a hodgepodge, odds & ends post and I thought I’d indulge on this friday afternoon:

  • It’s official: the D700 and D300s are EOL. As in discontinued. We knew about the D700’s imminent demise in light of the upcoming D800 (rumours pointing to Feb 7) but the D300s? That one’s a surprise.
  • This one’s a good fit for the odd category: for awhile now (since the last update) the metering on my X100 had seemed off, sometimes drastically. At first I thought it was just me freaking out but after doing some serious tests I became concerned that something was wrong. I could no longer rely on exposure compensation in Aperture priority mode because the camera was metering all over the place. Changing metering modes had no effect at all on the problem. When using the EVF (for macro) the display and the resulting picture would sometimes be completely out of sync with each other, the EVF blowing the scene entirely while the capture itself would end up underexposed. I was sadly considering a trip to the Fuji hospital. This morning —on a hunch — I decided to completely reset the camera settings. Huh. Bingo. It’s now back to its initial performance. I doubt my problems were due to custom settings but I’ll be very careful to notice any changes in the camera’s behaviour after applying my usual internal tweaks.
  • For those curious about Fuji’s X-Pro1, there are pictures popping up here and there from some privileged folks with access to the camera. One such lucky guy is Hugo Poon. His gallery of night images can be seen here.
  • I’ve found a few new blogs that have now been added to my daily RSS menu: Eric Kim Street Photography, The Decisive Moment from Jorge Ledesma (where I found the link to Poon’s samples) and Gaz on the Street from Gary Perlmutter. All three are mainly focused on street photography. Great images and well worth following.

About Eric Kim: he writes brilliantly. He has a post this week in which he discusses the importance of projects, more specifically pertaining to context in one’s photography work. I think he nails exactly what has always prevented me from investing a lot of time and effort into Flickr & all: this very same lack of context, the way the entire system revolves around the almighty single image. Even 500px, as awesome as it is, continues this trend. The only one I can think of that steers away from this would be JPG, although I’m not crazy about the layout.

Fact is, I’m always thinking in terms of series. It doesn’t have to be thirty pictures, it could be as low as five or six but I always have this reflex of grouping images together. I’d say it probably has to do with storytelling and a certain need for purpose. And it’s usually how I post on this blog. In any case, it’s a terrific read and I urge you to hop over if you have the time.

So what’s this about my kitchen? Well I’m still stuck in the studio racking my brains on a soundtrack so I shot the pics below while preparing lunch. See? It’s a series ;)

Have a great weekend everyone.