the dance | an Ann Brockman School recital

Last fall our daughter started ballet lessons. Before you start with me: no, we’re not big on the princess/tutu/pink-ribbon scene. But we were looking for an activity to replace gymnastics and thought : why not?  There’s a certain discipline and elements of tradition to classical ballet that felt right.

The culmination of the two sessions was of course a ballet recital. Here’s the thing: we’re slowly starting to get used to these events. I mean you love your kids and you love seeing them on stage doing their darndest and all but… it can be painful. I’m sure if you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about right? Let’s just say it can get… well… longish?

But this was refreshingly different. For one it took place at our local cultural centre in Beloeil which is a fine venue in itself. And the production was amazing: the music, the sets, the performances… wow. I’ve been a musician all my life but I’ve never been much of a dance guy, so for me to enjoy this recital was saying something.

Anyway, I’d obviously brought my camera along — as a way to pass the time if all else failed — and I’m glad I did. It was a joy to shoot, even if I wasn’t sitting in the best possible spot.

I also realized something: I really like shooting dancers. I love playing with slow shutter speeds to accentuate motion, or freezing someone in mid-air. Mostly I think I love the theatricality of the movements which seem almost ready-made for photography. The sheer drama of it.

I decided to share the pictures with the school for use on their Facebook page (I don’t like hijacking events for profit) and might be doing a couple of prints for them as well. I think David Hobby’s hoco360 project for Howard County is a fabulous idea and there’s something to be said about sharing in a small community.

If you’re looking for a dance, circus or theatre school give École Ann Brockman a shot. I’m certainly glad we did.