B&H affiliation

I was recently contacted by Yerchiel Orgel of B&H in New York about becoming a B&H affiliate. Even though I'm from Canada I've ordered from them several times in the past — the price discrepancy on certain items (even with our dollar now doing so well)  is sometimes well worth it.

I've never advertised on any of my websites. I'm not a fan of flashy banners distracting from content and design… so I was a little apprehensive. I voiced those apprehensions in an email and immediately got a phone call from Yerchiel himself: turns out he used to live in Montreal, had been watching my blog for awhile and is an all-around very nice guy. He also appeased my worries — I don't need to splash B&H all over the site, in fact I can pretty much include them any way I see fit, according to my judgment.

So is this going to change anything? Well, I've added a B&H search tool in the footer (which hopefully isn't too intrusive) and I'll be including links when I write about gear which can be found on their website; I might also include a mini list of the equipment used on certain shoots. But beyond those changes, the nature and look of the blog will remain exactly the same. Eventually this affiliation could grant me access to gear for evaluation purposes, which in turn would fuel new content to the site.

So I think this is a pretty good deal all around. And heck: it almost makes me feel like I just made it ;)