An Albumino update

I received an email yesterday that I believe is worth reprinting here as an update to my previous review:

Hi Patrick

Thank you very much for the feedback and for the blog post.
We are really glad that you like Albumino and we are aware that there is lot of work ahead of us. But we are looking forward to it :)
Some notes to your feedback:
- The problem with missing photos is fixed now
- The page with list of albums will be redesigned because you are not only one complaining about it
- Inconsistency in logo links will be fixed soon. All logos will lead to the album list.
- You are the first whose photos are uploaded in reverse order. That is weird. What OS version and browser are you using?
- I hate flash. But for multiple file uploading it is the only solution that works on all browsers. But we plan to add HTML5 uploading for modern browsers with Flash as a fallback for older browser.
- We will definitely think about white label for Pro plan
- I do not see 500px as our main competition. 500px is focused on single photos and Albumino is focused on photo albums as the primary content type. I like 500px and I also use it as “my best photos” collection (and I see that others also use it as “best of” photos). I know they have collections in the paid version, but it is not exactly the way I like. Our target users are Advanced amateurs and we believe that they shoot primary on occasions like holiday, trips etc. and they want to present their photos grouped together into albums.
So thank you again. We are working hard on making Albumino better every day.
Tomáš Hellebrand
I think this shows just how commited they are to the project - which is great to see. My 500px comparison was a very personal one based on what I use and how I use it. I still stand by it but my needs aren’t necessarily those of their target audience and I can totally see where he’s coming from.
And for the record: the reverse order problem is the same I’ve had with Wordpress for years, so it’s not specific to Albumino. If you haven’t already you can check out Albumino here.