7 with a lollipop


Give my oldest daughter a lollipop and you’ll make her day. Add a magazine and… well, you might manage just enough time to get these shots ;)

Used the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 (B&H) on my faithful old D300. First set shot in the studio against white seamless, 1/200 at f14 ISO 200. Elinchrom BX500ri (B&H) in a medium Portalite softbox (B&H) set high up front slightly camera left and aimed mostly to the front of the subject (using the edge of the light). SB-900 (B&H) used as a very subtle rimlight, also camera left but slightly back. Second set shot in natural light (while she was searching for something she’d misplaced) and exposed for the subject - essentially nuking the sundrenched window in the background out of existence. Settings for the second set were 1/160 at f2.8 ISO 200.