After Labour Day

September and the ritual begins anew: new school year, new teachers, new schedules...and the much needed return of a working, living framework. For those at home keeping score: no, our kitchen isn’t done yet but we’re literally days away. The builders are here, there's a laser beam shining on the new white walls as I type these words and come Friday, life will be back to normal—sink, dishwasher, the works. More importantly if you’re reading this, work on the blog will be returning to a somewhat more orderly schedule.

I spent a couple of days in Toronto last week on a very exciting project—which I’ll of course share as soon as I’m able to. But for now here’s a look back on images shot during a workshop a few weeks ago.

One more thing: if anyone happens to be in Tokyo in the near future, my work with the GF 50mm lens is part of an exhibition over there called Lens of Air—along with images from photographers Alex Liverani and Brian Duckett. Very honoured to be a part of this. It’s at Fujifilm Square until September 12th...if you’re around and feel like sharing pics of the space, please do :)


Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f2 R WR