Digs—You Dig?


I spent such a wonderful week in the UK. All those greens were almost liquid, injecting themselves directly into my bloodstream. I was there to speak at the very last SNAP! festival. In fact, I was the very last speaker as well...double endings right there. I didn’t know what to expect from this multifaceted event (yoga classes and choir practice?), but it turned out to be an extremely rewarding experience. Photographers are a pretty great bunch, period. I’m not pandering here. It doesn’t matter which area we specialize in, there’s just something about what we do that binds us together. And we certainly did bond. Big shout out to Laura Babb for creating and nurturing such a wonderful community.

I flew back the day after my talk, after spending a tiny bit of time with my friend Kevin and his lovely family (and friends). I then took a break last week to settle back in and absorb it all. You take what you can when you can...and it turns out I could—mostly. So I read, I took notes, I meditated and listened to music. But I woke up one morning with an hitch for change. Spring cleaning? Perhaps. And just like that, a whole lot of white swallowed this entire space.

The site revamp is in line with a need for something more literary—hence the serif fonts—but also more organized. It’s not immediately apparent but that’s the mid-term plan. The walls are painted, now the furniture comes into play.

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you may consider the new look a return to the past: it is in many ways. More breathing room, more emptiness. Simpler. It looked similar at one point, many years ago. Like everything in life, this website is prone to circular motion I guess.

I’ve prepared a short series about the trip. It starts tomorrow.
New pics, new digs :)


P.S Another small-yet-big change you may have noticed: there’s no watermark on the top image. I’ve decided to let it go altogether. In 2019 this is so ridiculously easy to remove...it leaves no upside whatsoever. From now on all images will be blemish-free.

P.P.S In case you were wondering: I brought the X-T3 with the XF 35mm f/2 R WR. Shot JPEG Eterna all the way.