Griet's Book

I remember sitting in Griet’s house one evening. I was visiting my good friend Bert Stephani and we’d spent the day in Leuven, the three of us, walking the streets like tourists; which is in fact exactly what I was...a tourist in a new land. We had a quiet dinner, a few drinks. And small details still stand out to this day: old film cameras displayed like art; a photo book by Harry Gruyaert; and Griet’s soft, murmur-like conversation—calm, yet resolute.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from the foreword I wrote to Griet Dewijngaert’s photography book Ballerina Passion. Such a fitting title too, aptly describing the subject as much as the woman behind the lens.

Griet is a friend and I’d been keeping in touch with her work through Instagram—oh the magic of social media. When she asked if I’d write an introduction, I didn’t hesitate one second.

The book is divided into five chapters, chronicling the dancers’ long journey from practice hall to recital. But the visual approach Griet has chosen makes it feel much more like a two-part story: she uses black and white throughout, right up until the dancers take the stage. It’s a very classical approach but it works perfectly.

This project is a labour of love, through and through. It is also ongoing...because sometimes a document needs more time than a simple book can contain. If you love dance and photography I suggest you check this one out.

Griet’s website is here. Ballerina Passion is available from Blurb in both hardcover and PDF.