A room in Scarborough (snowed in)

I’m taking a few minutes to post this morning. I don’t recall the first months of the year ever being this busy and it’s forced me to leave the blog somewhat stranded. Sorry about that.

I spent last week shooting a gig with the great folks from DentsuBos and Lexus Canada—good times but man was I ever glad this was all indoors. Polar Vortex? Check. I drove in on Monday and most of those six hours were in good weather...then around Ajax the storm hit. The last 20 minutes stretched out to an hour and by the time I reached the hotel, you couldn’t see ten feet ahead. I tried ordering-in but my food apparently vanished in the mayhem; I ended up eating a Mars bar for dinner.

The storm was still raging when I woke up around 5:30AM.  I looked out my fourth-floor window and saw an eighteen-wheeler crashed in a snow bank on the off-ramp...yay. Like my old Kia stood a chance. Fortunately, it all subsided by the time I had to leave. And thank god for the included breakfast.

I didn’t shoot much for myself given the circumstances, but here’s a few from that hotel room. Biding my time...

P.S I decided 2019 would be the year of the mobile workflow. So these were edited with VSCO on my iPad Pro. I’m not fully there yet and the process is way more complex than it should be...but I’ll share it when I have time. Perhaps in 2021. Kidding but...yeah. 

Shot with the X100F