Seven Snake Core

Don’t ask me what the name is about: it’s one of those random flashes you just decide to accept at face value and not overthink. Now, what this is? That I can answer. Simply put: I’ve decided to play around with video. So Seven Snake Core is a YouTube channel experiment. I’m not uploading anything I’ve ever published before so it’s all entirely new material. It will definitely get weird and it may not make much sense at times but I see this as a language playground, period. Something like a public brainstorm.

As you might expect it’s pretty barren right now, so I figured I could easily give you a look at the entirety of the channel’s content, right here on this page.

Core I and II—Visual streams of consciousness 

Two short sequences shot on iPhone (pre-11 so this is the 8 Plus) using an app called 8mm. Which is why they both look like they were shot on...err...8mm. Pleased to meet you, Captain Obvious here to the rescue. Core I contains scenes from our home during the Great-Renos-of-2019, while Core II was all shot in Toronto not too long ago. Feast your eyes...Ok I’m kidding. Moody then? Yes let’s go with moody.

Five Minutes. Five Years.

This is very different and it may clash with the other two for the time being. But I’m thinking of “converting” some photographic essays to video, so eventually the mix will be less jarring. A bit of backstory for you: this isn’t actually new, but I’ve only ever presented it during talks and it was never published anywhere. Since I’m mostly taking a break from conferences this year, it felt like the right time to let it live on its own. That and the fact that our kids are on the curve that will change everything in a very short amount of time, making this even more of a “marker”.

Essentially, it is what the title says: five years of our lives in five minutes. Those of you who’ve been following this blog for awhile will probably recognize most of the images—although they do go by rather quickly. And before anybody asks (because somebody ALWAYS asks): this was created in Apple’s Motion 5 and I recorded the music in Logic Pro X.

I’m not expecting YouTube stardom with this project. But if you happen to be interested in an ongoing laboratory, feel free to subscribe and make the page look a little less like a deserted wasteland ;)