A few moments ago I deleted Facebook from both my iPhone and iPad. There was no collapse of the upper atmosphere, no seismic shift in the ground beneath me. I was reading the comments section on yet another Trump-related piece of crap and I suddenly saw the spiral, with perfect clarity. I saw time squandered in this daily drip of insanity, in a flux of news always worse, always infuriating in their idiocy. The politics south of our border are unraveling so completely that it’s hard to look elsewhere. Well, it’s hard for me. I’m just built that way. But I know it’s become psychologically damaging and as much as I wish to stay informed, it all needs to stop. I can’t exist in this perpetual, silent scream.

So enough already. Detox. Peace, please. And maybe some sunshine...eventually.

A few images shot throughout the day—as I await delivery of a Pentax K adapter. But that’s for another story.