Vancouver, when the sun did shine.


On the day of the gallery talk the sun came out. I had sushi for lunch with Billy and Take, then we headed out to Granville Island for a quick stroll before the show. There’s gorgeous light in this city, as though it’s always bouncing or reflecting off something, somewhere. Maybe it’s the water. It’s the sort of thing you notice when you’re away...

The toning in these images is of course deliberate: the red began as a visual device for the KAGE post Rubicon, but it felt like the right direction overall. Consider these further explorations on a theme I guess. FYI: I used a layer in Capture Pro 11 to control the effect. I’m really on a quest for different ways to tone and process, and C1 is such a deep program when it comes to colour. I’m likely to overdo it while I experiment but then...ya need to break them eggs right?

All processed from Eterna JPEG files btw.

Shot with the X-T3 and XF 35mn f2 R WR