Stop the Tower


The one upside to this topsy-turvy world is an increased awareness to the dangers of complacency—apathy is much easier to fight after seeing how quickly and intensely lives can devolve.

Telus wants to build a ten-story cellular tower in the middle of our very small town. More precisely, smack dab in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, at the edge of a small protected forest surrounded by schools, homes, a church, several parks and day-care centres. The mayor and city council are against it; the citizens are against it; our provincial MP is against it. And yet the federal government has given the go ahead, its minister—Navdeep Bains— apparently refusing to even answer repeated phone calls from all parties involved. Money talks, always.

So on Sunday we gathered the kids and we marched. Our two teenagers weren’t crazy about the idea (of course), our youngest proudly raised her sign as high as she could—but in the end I think they all got it.

Honestly, three years ago we probably would’ve signed the online petition and stayed home, content in having contributed the bare minimum to our civic duty. Now however...there are lessons to teach.

Shot with the X100F