After the Whirlwind


It’s hard to explain the intensity of Photokina week. There’s the stress of performing, which becomes less of an issue after the first set but still lingers nonetheless. There’s the thrill and emotional ride of seeing friends again, people you rarely meet IRL. And then there’s always a few photographers you’d never met before, whose work touches you and who suddenly become a part of your life. Bonds forged in a screaming whirlwind. 

To my old and new friends—photographers, models, managers, engineers, designers—thank you. To our Fujifilm family that makes all of this possible, thank you.

I’m home now and it’s all good.
Héloïse—our youngest—was waiting for me on the porch in her pyjamas when I stepped out of the car. She jumped into my arms as I was making my way to the door. And suddenly we were all there, in our house—together. And suddenly the clamour had subsided

and the ground had settled once again beneath my feet. 

Shot with a pre-production GFX 50R