Year Eight | Sewing Machine and Playmobil

When the time came to open her presents...she was busy with something else. Her sister (who knew that big box was a new Playmobil set) could barely conceal her excitement and was chomping at the bits. I guess for Héloïse this was the day maturity began to settle in—for its long and eternal haul.

She asked for a sewing machine and was dead set on the idea, but we could sense her anguish: she still wanted toys. So since Cynthia knows how those contraptions work (they’re like alien spaceships to me) and we didn’t have a machine of our own, we figured a big part of the purchase would go in the home column. This will be a “special thing” between her and her mom.

She loved that Playmobil set, the new book...
but last night she only had eyes for her sewing machine.

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f2 R WR