Montreal Workshops | P2

I want to apologize for my rather slow response time when it comes to comments and/or email replies. Truth is it’s a very busy summer, with unforeseen projects piling up on top of others. I’m looking at the calendar and realizing this is shaping up to be the summer-that-never-was. August may change that, with a week planned with the family in the wilderness, away from it all. But that’s two weeks away and looking at what needs to happen until may as well be in 2018.

I only booked two workshops this year—well, for the summer months anyway. These are from yesterday’s outing with Helmut and his wonderful wife Gerhild, navigating our city under siege, buried under concrete and bright orange road signs. We’re living in a chaos that defies description, believe me. Still, if you look around, there’s peace to be found within a few milliseconds.

Btw: this is P2 because it was workshop #2. Workshop #1 happened last week...all shot in Acros and coming up next. Linearity? Bah! Humbug...;)

Shot with the X-Pro2 and XF 35mm f2 R WR