An Interesting Hoodie


This is a quick one. Years ago I bought a cheap LH-100 lens hood/adapter ring knock-off for my X100 (I don't remember which "letter" version). It ended up lasting a lot longer than I ever thought it would but finally gave up the ghost some months ago: the bayonet stopped locking.

The point was never to control flaring: with the glass so close to the edge of the lens, it always felt better having that extra bit of protection. Especially given how I tend to use the X100 cameras—which is to say, not very carefully.

I was browsing Amazon and noticed a quirky looking contraption in my "suggestions": the JJC LH-JX100II (because there's nothing like adding letters to avoid infringement, right?). Except, this version actually IS different from the official Fujifilm add-on. Instead of the typical vented model, this is more like a tube that completely covers the lens, to the point where you don't even see it anymore. It's much less intrusive when using the OVF (it doesn't get wider at the edge) and it feels great to hold. This thing could've vignetted like crazy (given how far the lens recedes) but it doesn't and I suspect it really will cut down on any potential flaring issues.

The material matches the camera and the hood is a screw on, so the connection is super tight. Extra bonus points: the X100F lens cap still fits perfectly—kudos for smart design.

More info here if you want to check it out (Amazon Canada but not an affiliate link).