En mai


"...a skyfull of snow."

Downtown Montreal is a mess of blocked off streets and construction zones. I should've been at least half-an-hour early, enough time to wander and snap a few pics...but I barely get to the meeting on time.

We're here this morning to walk the last few miles, signing papers, waivers, closing accounts. After all was said and done, all the turmoil of the past years...we needed a few months to breathe. It's just the two of us now anyway—my sister and I.

The outskirts of the city and municipalities further north are struggling with floods. The army's here, folks have been forced out of their homes. We're officially in a state of emergency. Part of me thinks I should be on the ground with my camera, documenting this unfolding disaster. Isn't this an incredible opportunity? But that's precisely the bit I can't cope with: the opportunity angle. The thought of pointing my lens towards misery makes me shudder, no matter the subject. I couldn't justify it with our mom and I can't with this either. I am become vulture....that ethical battle between revelation and exploitation. For some reason I can't embrace the role, no matter how hard I try to rationalize.

It's May—fais ce qu'il te plaît.
We step into a skyfull of snow.

Shot with the X100F (Acros)