Home. Acros. GFX 50S.

My week was upended. I had a shoot to edit, a quote to put together, a meeting...I did all of it, of course. But my brain was consumed by the GFX 50S—because on Tuesday morning, Mr Purolator delivered.

I'm not writing a full review just yet: it's a question of time but also a need to understand this camera beyond the megapixel count. All I can say for now is that, three days in, my head is spinning. I'm getting this visceral, emotional reaction to images I'm shooting—not all of them, but many. And I feel almost stupid about it. My head keeps telling me bro, total placebo...relax already, but I can't shake it. I don't even know if it translates or if others will even see it, especially on a web page or a social feed—which now defines so much of our image consumption. The only term that comes to mind, the same one I used in my first look some weeks ago, is fluidity. And at the risk of sounding even more ridiculous, I'd now add silent—it's like there's a hush that covers these images. A stillness. I guess I could define this in technical terms: it's the tone transitions, the bokeh that melts into nothingness, a sharpness that's never jagged. Rounded as opposed to angular...but there I go again with an esoteric description. 

Is it all subjective or actually empirical? I’m having to change how I process these files—both raw and JPEG—so it's not a complete figment of my imagination. And I’m seeing details I’ve never seen before on any of my images.

We have a big weekend ahead: I’m taking Jacob to an album launch tomorrow, Anaïs is turning eleven with a girl’s sleepover tonight, cabane à sucre with the family on Sunday. Consider these images a frame of reference. Home, Acros... The same old digs.

Have a great one :)