Quiz Night

Last summer, Cynthia and I binged on a British television series called The Detectorists, about a small town metal detecting club. Just a premise for a series of antics, really. And no, we didn’t go nuts and buy metal detectors ourselves—not many buried Roman treasures lying around these parts anyway. The reason I bring it up is that one of the shows featured a quiz night, at a local pub, which we thought looked fun in a somewhat dorky kinda way. Ok, long story short: our local gaming spot Kafée Dragon (these are becoming quite popular around here) announced their very own quiz in the fall and we joined.

Last evening was the grand finale and I’m quite proud to say our team came in second overall—and first for the night. We’re talking 100 questions here. Yup, quite proud indeed. Especially after a season where it was just the two of us until very recently. Pretty sure the beer helped ;) 

Have a great weekend!

Shot with the X100F