Sirius Rider

As creatives we all harbour this urgent need to express ourselves—concepts, ideas, stories, emotions. And as photographers we deal in images...but how do you codify outrage, visually? How do you fight and resist and denounce using a camera? The only method I can think of is photojournalism, as a relentless documentation of what lurks beneath, calling out the lies, the deceptions, this dark shift resolutely enveloping the world's most powerful democracy. Finding a way to reveal the nightmare from within, somehow...but I'm not a photojournalist. I'd do it in a heartbeat if called upon—I'd even put myself in harms way, dive into the current, the murky waters, the maelstrom. I would. Anything to denounce this rise to power that threatens us all, wherever we are. That threatens my kids, your kids. Right now however, at this very moment...all I can do is watch events unfold. I'm not a citizen. I'm not an activist. I'm a Canadian, a northern creature with a camera trying to feed his family, hoping for the best. I hear our national squabbles, our fights over language and helicopter rides...and none of it makes sense. It's all so small and pointless; like picking furniture while the house is on fire. No matter how hard I try, I can't escape the enormity of what we're witnessing south of the border. It's a fucking deathwatch.

So for the past few days I've been in a frenzy—writing, recording. I may not have yet deciphered how to scream in images, but I still remember how to do it with a guitar, a few synths and a microphone. None of it matters, I know. This work won't change anything—hell, it's just self-involved posturing and emoting. But I get to howl and at least—at LEAST—the rage is finding a way out. I get to bleed a little. The project is entitled—four songs. Two are all but done, a third needs vocals; the fourth one isn't as far along but getting there. Below is what will likely become the opening track.

I. sirius rider
II. an escape into the corollary
III. & we howl (aquarians)
IV. foundations

It might be a futile exercise in the end; and one on which I don't intend to dwell. But it's necessary—personally.
Because resistance is the foundation of liberty.

the shallow lies & sex offensive
red white & blue on lascivious busses
the small & dark, the collusive
in god they trust
& in the fire bonds of the fire hoar
blond haired witches in their xmas vogue
hide their thoughts & racist slurs
sell our souls on a tv show
ahhh a far off sun
a rage of stars
makin' my way on a sirius rider
they paint the streets
the symbols white
erect their crosses in the dead of night
they howl & clamour & the madman screams
glory words & glory dreams
you'll all be princes & beauty queens
& they'll rape you & you won't resist
Yeah they'll rape you & you won't resist
ahhh a far off sun
a rage of stars
makin' my way on a sirius rider