Rear (Hotel) Window

I like hotel windows. If I browsed through my library, I'd probably find window shots of every single hotel/motel/auberge I've ever stayed in. Hmm...there's a weekend project. These are from the Toronto Sheraton btw—which I don't recommend unless you're really hungry for a $15 bowl of oatmeal and don't mind $20/day wifi. In 2016. Seriously, never again. But I digress.

I think what draws me in—at a more or less subconscious level— is the combination of a fixed frame, a unique view and the transitory nature of these places. I imagine people moving in and out of the room, day after day, blurred silhouettes  mostly unaware of an ever changing scene beyond the curtain. There's something both lonely and eternal about it.   

I was here on a job so I had brought the XF 55-200mm lens just in case—I happen to really like that zoom in spite of its variable aperture. I don't use it very often but when I do I'm never, ever disappointed. I took these images over three days—when I happened to be there with nothing else to do—and the reach of that lens was too good to pass up. Yes, I admit it's a bit of a creepy sensation to stand there with a long zoom, pointing at the world from ten stories up; you feel like an invader, even if you don't have anything of the sort in mind. Hopefully the few human elements remain as anonymous as I intended them to be.

Mr. Hitchcock? Cue Franz Waxman.

Shot with the X-Pro2, XF 35 f/2 R WR and XF 55-200 f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS