Friday Tidbits: interview, simulations etc

Is it the weekend again? May in few short days? Boy...this is one fast frikin' train isn't it? Time for a Friday tidbits/mishmash post.


I had the opportunity to be interviewed by photographer Valérie Jardin earlier this week, for her Street Focus podcast. Valérie and I had been in touch since before the holidays but the timing was finally right and we had a really lovely conversation. I'm quite impressed by Valérie's focus and success at managing what has become a worldwide workshop business. We talked about storytelling in the context of commercial projects, about street, approach...shooting the breeze really. It's online now and you can check it out here: STREET FOCUS 84: VISUAL STORIES WITH PATRICK LA ROQUE


I read this article few days ago and really wanted to mention it: Film Simulation, Revolution by Continuous Evolution. As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the X-Series JPEG engine and the results I can get from its various film simulations—which have grown into something much more serious than nostalgia-based marketing. To me they're actual tools, just as much as everything else these cameras offer. I already knew, from conversations with engineers, about the complex background behind Acros. But this article goes into the science of the simulations as a whole, the role of the new processor etc. I actually find it too brief— I'd love to hear more about this. Still, quite fascinating.


I love giving one on one workshops and I have quite a few coming up in the next weeks/months, which is great. It's a chance to share but it's also a two-way conversation that's always surprising and rewarding. Nate Gates came over from Newfoundland some weeks ago and we spent a couple of days together as part of my three-day Shadow Workshop. Nate is originally from the US but he now runs a successful photography business in Newfoundland with his girlfriend and partner Nicole. They also hold workshops of their own.

And that's where it becomes interesting: how do you teach someone who's pretty much there already? We had talked beforehand via email about what he was looking for and hoping to bring back from our time together, but it's always a challenge to find that one small element that might be missing from the mix, that might be just enough to push someone a little further in. It becomes about shaping the path as opposed to building's very subtle.

But I think we got there and Nate was kind enough to post about the experience on his blog so I thought I'd share: In the streets with LaRoque.


Not mine—although that one's coming up way too fast. But today happens to be my KAGE buddy and Tokyo accomplice Bert Stephani's birthday so I couldn't let that pass without a mention. Besides, I've been promising him a spiffy suit shot for months now so here goes...classy stuff my friend ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!