Valentine, Moebius and Publishing

Let's call this one a hybrid: part publishing update, part photo essay. I could've done two posts but what the hell. First the publishing portion of our show...


I wasn't around when we launched issue oo1 as part of the Fujifilm anniversary/launch event so I haven't really talked about this but it's a pretty big deal: we're now running KAGE Collective on a monthly magazine schedule. Lots of reasons behind that decision but get off our collective butts. Having a deadline to focus on has so far been extremely stimulating and I couldn't be prouder of the work everyone has been contributing since the change. Essentially we publish new work on the 15th of every month instead of our previous very random and haphazard schedule. The theme for this issue is Migrations and it includes the Shinjuku at night portion of my Tokyo series. You can check it out here if you haven't already. Our Flipboard mag is also a resource worth checking out if you're in that vicinity.

5 years

I've had a draft post about my first year with Fuji literally sitting in the backend of my blog since...well, since a year after I switched to Fuji. Which would be a year after I bought the X100, when the X-Pro1 was released. But for some reason it stayed in draft form—and I'm now happy it did. Soon after I returned from Tokyo I was asked by Fujifilm Japan if I'd be interested in writing about my 5 year experience with the X Series. Carte blanche, full creative license. So I sat down and wrote an article that I feel encapsulates every single sentiment or emotion I've had for these cameras and their place in my own small universe. The post is entitled: Five Years - From X to X and it's on

Photo Life Magazine

I wrote an article in the latest issue of Photo Life called Beyond the Snapshot: In Search of Stolen Moments and I'm currently working on another article for the magazine. Oh and also: my stories from Tokyo and Sendai have been translated to Greek. I'll just trust they're saying more or less the same thing. If you happen to read or speak the language and notice something weird let me know ;)

Now...a weekend in monochrome.     

I lasted six minutes. Six minutes before the blowing snow had me running for the door, my cheekbones—the only skin exposed—showing initial signs of frostbite. A windchill factor of -38ºC will do that to you. Nature wins, we lose; don't even try.

So we settled in for the weekend, hearts and arrows all around. Valentine's day you know.
Tales of Moebius and vintage board games...

Shot with a pre-production X-Pro2 using various lenses and the Acros film simulation.