The Force Awakens

Many, many eons ago I sat in a movie theatre much like this one, with my sister, my dad, my mom. We were there to see this new movie...something called Star Wars. I remember the buzz at the time, the anticipation. My dad had a subscription to Time magazine and they'd published an article about the film's production, with stills showing beat up hovering cars streaming across a desert, colourful robots and strangely robed characters. I can still to this day picture the layout of that magazine article in my mind. And I can see all of us, huddled in the dark, waiting to be amazed.

All of us...healthy, alive and full of promise.

I'm the dad today.
The dad buying the tickets, holding the popcorn, sitting with a family of his own and waiting for Star Wars to begin, again. And when the movie is over and we get back to the car, frozen by a late but glacial winter, I look at everyone around me, all wide-eyed and perfect and burning in this dying sun.

Everyone I know and love, in one immaculate fugitive moment.
Happy New Year guys.

Shot with the X100T