Summer is a runaway train, barreling down the tracks. I keep feeling as if I've somehow missed it already, even though we've yet to do a quarter of what's on our calendar—in fact, our vacations havent even started yet. That'll be a trip to PEI, driving down to Charlevoix like we do every year and then crossing the St-Lawrence to hit the road south. First time in the Maritimes if you can believe it... Anne of Green Gables here we come.

For some reason, weeks are all merging together in a blur these days, without a minute to catch my breath and little time to blog or post what I'm shooting—work or play. I'm still editing the Spokane project, something living deep inside me at the moment; I did a shoot for Lexus this week that was a blast... All things that will surface eventually. And then through it all, Summer: the kid's swimming lessons, the lunches, the country; the slow backbeats and the warm rhythms.

Through it all our youngest turned six. 
We stopped for a second,
then were swept away. 

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 35mm f1/4R