Fuji walk+90mm Incursion (Fujinon XF 90mm f2R pre-production images)

The yearly gathering of Fuji shooters took place last Sunday: the Montreal Fuji Photo Walk. Huge turnout this year—which is impressive considering last year’s event had already been a success and the early morning weather was… Let’s say iffy.

The undisputed star of the show was the new baby (literally), the X-T10. Fujifilm Canada had a bunch of them on hand for folks to try out, along with all the recent lenses, zooms and primes. We had drinks the night before where I got to play with it briefly and while it’s preliminary, I can say this: it felt completely natural. Best compliment I can give it. Smaller than the X-T1 of course but I immediately fell into it, all the buttons were where I expected them to be and there was no “new body shock”—which I have to admit was a pleasant surprise. Oh and that new autofocus stuff… Impressive. Can’t wait to try this on the X-T1.

But I was personally most looking forward to trying out the upcoming XF 90mm f2R. We played with it Saturday night—Ben Von Wong having a blast shooting much too intimate beer-infused close-ups of everyone that I hope will never see the light of day (!)—but the following morning I brought my X-T1 for The Walk and Billy set me up with one. These are all pre-production units at this point but man… I’m having trouble seeing how it could be improved. Yet another stellar lens for the X-Series.

There’s no OIS, for the same reasons it was left out of the new 16mm: image quality, size considerations etc. Now, at 90mm (135mm equivalent) you kind of expect it nowadays and it’s the one point I was hesitant about. But it balances extremely well on-camera—at least on the X-T1—so I didn’t feel it was that much of an issue. I had no trouble keeping it steady. It may be a different story in low-light situations but that’ll be something to test in the eventual review. In terms of rendering and sharpness: wow. XF 56mm kind of wow so… Right up there.

Check out my buddy Bert Stephani’s video review for more info:

Huge thanks to everyone at Fujifilm Canada for making this all happen: Jerry Julien, Helen Layter and of course Billy Luong. And thanks to everyone who came to shoot the breeze or shake hands… Always a blast to meet everyone at these events; Montreal is becoming quite the nice little Fuji community. Speaking of which: FujiTuesday is coming to our fair city. Rob Zeigler is bringing the concept here from Toronto and I’ll be at the first meetup, probably on June 16 (to be confirmed); I’ll keep you posted on that.


Shot with the X-T1 and Fujinon XF 90mm f2R (pre-production unit)