Funk. Thanksgiving.

With blogs it's easy to get caught up in self-promotion: "I shot this for client X!" "I'm releasing project Y!" "It's all wonderful! Look at me I'm on top of the world!"...

Sometimes I am. Most of the time things are good and moving along.
But right now I'm in a funk.

I'm beginning to realize it's a seasonal thing because I remember feeling this same way last year after returning from Europe, right around this time. It's probably compounded by the end of the Subterraneans project and the void left behind by any endeavour into which you've poured so much energy. Suddenly it's out there and this universe you've inhabited for months on end is now empty. It's an odd transition, both exciting and debilitating; like you need to now rewire yourself. It's not easy or obvious to do.

So for the past week or so I've been going through the motions. I could keep this to myself and post about the last jobs I did but frankly, I just don't feel like it. The reality of creative work is that it's 1) tied to emotions and 2) has highs and lows. Doesn't matter how much time you've spent on higher ground, eventually you'll come back down to earth. Eventually, you'll reassess and question and wonder. None of us are exempt of these feelings, of these ebbs and flows...not a single one of us, believe me. And I happen to think it's just as important to share.

I'm writing all of this while listening to Jefferson Airplane's After Bathing at Baxter's—I used to own this on a battered second-hand vinyl and had completely forgotten about the album until Apple Music suggested it. The song Rejoyce (yes, that's the spelling) is a masterpiece. Boy is that taking me back.

Our son Jacob is twelve today, can you believe it? God, I can't. We're going to the restaurant tonight to celebrate. Then this weekend we're headed for the country and I'm very much looking forward to refuelling; to walks on dirt roads and the silence of the fields.

To Thanksgiving and remembering where and who we are.


Speaking of post-project: I want to thank everyone who's purchased These Kings. These Subterraneans so far. It seems to be resonating in a way that's actually very touching to witness. I'm going to extend the launch sale until October 31st to coincide with the coupon code I gave away on the latest episode of the We Shoot Fuji podcast, hosted by Scott Bourne and Marco Larousse. Had a fun time with those guys, talking about photography and creativity in general. And that promo code is in the show notes I just linked to btw—just sayin' ;)

I'm leaving you with a few random attempts at shaking off the doldrums.
Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving guys—see you on the other side.