Still Moving

I've been busy with a couple of gigs and my ongoing move to Capture One Pro 8 which, incidentally, was updated to 8.3.4 a few days ago. The new version fixes performance problems with El Capitan.

I'll be honest: this is not an easy transition. I've been ingesting, editing and processing everything in COP8 and while I'm now perfectly comfortable in my new digs, the LR library I imported—basically my main library—has been giving me trouble. It’s extremely slow to load and a few days ago started acting up when importing new images—beachballing like there’s no tomorrow. Which is a shame because this was lightning fast when I first tested it. I bit the bullet and set the machine off on 33 hours of non-stop preview generation which appears to have helped somewhat…but I’ll admit it’s made me uneasy. Question is: is this happening because of the LR import (structure and adjustments) or is this due to the number of images in the library (+100000)? I have two other projects in separate libraries that each contain around 4000 images and behave perfectly. 

To be fair, my iMac is on its last legs and will soon be relegated to family duties; so it’s not just COP8 acting up. I really like this software so I’m hoping these issues aren’t endemic. If anyone has experience with large catalogs in Capture One give me a shout—I’d love to know if it’s a known issue or something messed up on my end.

A few autumnal shots from the past week…

Shot with the X100T