Princess Toothbrush

"Alright... time to brush your teeth Héloïse."
"Ok... But come with me daddy!"
"Sweetie, you're perfectly capable of doing this by yourself..."
"Nooooo.... You can take PICTURES!"

Honest to God. Does she know me a little? Yup. Is it scary? Umm... Yup. All shot with the X100T. First image lit by an iPad, just playing around for a minute or so. 

A couple of Friday tidbits before we go:

Lastly: a few months ago I was contacted by a very nice guy by the name of Ori Guttin, one of the founders of a photography site called ViewBug, which holds worldwide photo competitions. I've always been a bit uneasy about these sort of things but after seeing the work and having a few conversations, I accepted their offer to become part of their roster of judges. It's pretty impressive company actually so I'm quite honoured. The results of my first judgement are now online for a contest entitled Where I Live. I think the winning image is simply stunning. You can check out the page to see the results and read my commentary on the wining entries.

That's it. I now leave you, as promised, with Princess Toothbrush.
Have a great weekend