T-Minus Cologne

We’re almost there: tomorrow at 18h55 we fly to Frankfurt. Then it’s a train to Cologne and the adventure begins.

I’d love to say everything’s packed and ready…. Sure… Like that’s how life works with three young kids in the house. But we’re getting there. Below is THE KIT: X100S with the wide and tele converters. I debated taking the X-T1 for a few hours, just enough time to realize I was reverting to exactly the same reflexes the X100 had liberated me from three years ago. Which lens do I take? This? No, that? No. Way.

The reason I have the converters is because Fujifilm Canada is loaning them to me along with the X100S itself — I still have the X100 and they were nice enough to let me borrow this one for the duration of our trip. As much as I still love the original X100 there’s been quite a jump in performance since its release and I’m rather used to this by now. The X-T1 does tend to spoil a guy. The old X100 is fine for quick outings but Cologne, Venice and Rome? I might've regretted my choice along the way (even though I know the images would’ve been great).

Now of course I can hear you thinking “But… The converters add the same dilemma in terms of focal length. Too much choice creating uncertainty. What’s the deal man?”. Well, you’re right and I almost declined bringing them for those exact reasons. Truth is, I might not use them; or if I do it’ll be sparingly and I’ll fully commit to that focal length while it’s on — no switching from one to the other or overthinking every shot with the converters in mind. There’s a shooting philosophy to respect here damn it ;)

If you’re heading to Photokina and planning on dropping by my talks (2PM on Tuesday and Wednesday) I’ll be seeing you soon. If not, the blog will most likely be going dark until we return on the 26th.

Btw I did finally open an Instagram account that I may use to post tidbits from the trip while we’re there. You’ll find me at instagram.com/laroquephotogram

Can you smell that? Beer, sauerkraut and gear… Mmmm.