Invisible Summer. Photokina.

What a strange, short, hectic and incomprehensible summer this has been. I see the few weeks left ahead and can barely make sense of where the time has gone; it’ll go down as l’été invisible… Some of it had to do with the weather but most of it was about work: paid and/or personal. Exciting? Sure. Restful? Nah.

Some of the fruits of this labour will be announced in due time, mostly over the next several weeks, but I can at least mention one of these today: I’ve been invited by Fujifilm to speak at Photokina 2014. Am I thrilled? Am I nervous? Going crazy with anticipation? Have I been working on this in my sleep? All of the above. I’ll be talking about visual storytelling, the X Series cameras and also doing a live studio shoot on stage. What we in the biz call a “feature packed presentation”. Sorry, using “the biz” at some point in my life was on my bucket list — done. Never again, promise.

So I’m headed for Cologne, Germany on September 14 and I’m scheduled to speak on the 16 and 17. What’s even more exciting is who’s also appearing: everyone. It’s nuts. And this includes two of my KAGE COLLECTIVE comrades with whom I’ll be meeting for the first time outside of our virtual offices. I’m hoping others can make it as well so we can have the closest thing to an actual “live” meeting in our short history. Speaking of KAGE: lots of new and exciting changes ahead — stay tuned for those.

After Cologne Cynthia and I are going to Venice, then Rome where I’ll be giving a quick one on one workshop, eating pasta and losing myself in the Eternal City. We’re very excited about this trip — our first long one together since France —and I’m already giddy just thinking of the photographic opportunities ahead.

If you’re planning on attending Photokina while I’m there, come and say hi — I’ll be hanging around quite a bit and I always look forward to meeting other photographers. As opposed to gladiators. Although I’m sure they’re a fine bunch when they're not looking to hit you over the head with… You know… Tridents or something. Right, can you tell I’m tired? Yeah, silly tired.

I leave you with images from a recent family gathering — going with a stacked gallery for kicks. Man, this already seems like ages ago...

Shot with the X-T1 and XF 23mm f/1.4R