KAGE COLLECTIVE 8 | Kevin Mullins joins the group.

I’ve always been a fan of UK photographer Kevin Mullin’s style of wedding photography — mainly because I’ve always seen it as purely documentary, the wedding acting merely as a backdrop, an excuse to scratch the surface of a social event. Yes, it’s usually quite pretty; it’s also always intensely human. When we launched The Kage Collective two years ago the first email I received was from Kevin, congratulating us and wishing us luck for the future. So it seems perfectly fitting to announce that he is now a member of our group; needless to say, we’re absolutely thrilled to have him on board.

The funny thing is: it could’ve happened much sooner. Turns out we didn’t think he’d be interested — and he didn’t think we’d be. Star-crossed lovers kept apart by the Fates and their endlessly spinning thread… Ok, that’s just homo-erotically weird but I’m sure you get my drift (!).

We’re all looking forward to the work Kevin will be bringing to the table — Beyond his wedding imagery he’s shown an incredible eye that we know will make a great addition. He’s also a writer, teacher and public speaker and I’m sure he’ll be contributing some valuable insight. As I’ve often said, the goal of our collective isn’t to add as many members as possible or even to publish on a regular basis: what we want is to grow, push each other along the way and hopefully do our best work.

Now for the big question: is eight really enough? ;)
Here’s to the future…