The Inspired Eye 16

This is exciting: Issue 16 of Olivier Duong and Don Springer's photography magazine Inspired Eye is out, featuring an interview with yours truly. The publication gets more impressive with every issue and this one is just packed with fantastic work; an honour to be in such great company. It’s a downloadable PDF, available as a single issue or as part of a subscription. They’ve picked our baby as the cover for the article… Her very first magazine spread. Glimpses of our future? Ouch.

You can get the new issue right here. Really worth it.

Sometimes I get all worded out… Like my brain just doesn’t want to deal with thinking in characters anymore. As much as I enjoy online communications, the fact remains that I sometimes feel like I’m just typing continuously. Which is why it’s nice to get a chance to speak to people directly, have a back and forth conversation that doesn’t revolve around a keyboard. Vocal chords are a pretty cool evolutionary perk. Case in point: the two seminars I gave as part of Lord Photo’s Fujifilm Weekend. I really had the most wonderful time. Billy Luong was there on Saturday as well which is alway a treat. Although we’ve seen and heard so much of each other in the past couple of months, I think we’re just about reaching the sheepdog/wolf stage… You know: “Morning Ralph…” “Morning Sam…”

Yeah, I’m a Loony Tunes guy.

Seriously, thanks again to Fujifilm Canada, Lord Photo and everyone who came out… It was great meeting you all — early Saturday or coooold Sunday. Oh! And that 50-140mm? Hmm... Rather nice. Rather very, very nice.

Between shoots, editing and preparing for the seminars I've barely had time to touch the X100T since it came in last Wednesday. I’m still in the thick of it too. But of course I can’t help myself — I mean the damn thing is right there. So there’s no rhyme or reason to anything below; it’s all just stuff on which I’ve been pointing the camera these past few days. All shot with the new Classic Chrome simulation of course.

Next up, I think we’re going to talk double exposure as promised. Stay tuned…