The Kage Collective 2014: new members.

I have to say I'm quite excited about this: today we're welcoming three new members to our KAGE COLLECTIVE family: Craig Litten, Vincent Baldensperger and Bert Stephani.

One of the reasons behind the collective has always been to mutually benefit from each other's strengths, to push each other, bounce off ideas... For my part, I can be a very solitary guy when it comes to creative endeavours and easily retreat into a sort of bubble... I'm comfortable doing things on my own; always have been. But I'm well aware it can be a double edged sword. This project forces all of us to interact in a very positive way and I believe we've found photographers whose dynamics will greatly contribute to the group.

So there's now seven of us. I can't wait to see what stories the future holds...
For more information and images check out the official announcement on our KAGE COLLECTIVE website.