Cobra Fakir and an X-Pro1 Video Experiment

When the guys from Miriodor call me up for… Well, anything really… It’s always a treat. We go way back and any project with them is usually more like a playground than a gig. It’s a chance to try different things and experiment.

Their new album Cobra Fakir is coming out next week on Cuneiform Records and while I didn’t get a chance to work on the album itself this time around, we did get to collaborate on an experimental video and a quick promo shoot. This video is part of something we plan to explore further in the relatively near future, a trial run if you will. It was shot with the X-Pro1 using the XF 35mm and 18–55mm lenses.

For the portraits I used the XF 18–55 on the group shots and the XF 55–200 on the close-ups. We did everything in a corner of their small rehearsal space, with lighting provided by a single Elinchrom strobe fitted with either a medium softbox or a set of barn doors with grid.

So how was it shooting video with the X-Pro1? While it’s obviously not its primary function I was pleasantly surprised, especially when using the stabilized zoom. I’ve since shot another video that’s more of an essay of sorts, something I’ll show you in a few weeks, and I have to say I find myself enjoying the process much more than I thought I would.


A bit of an aside before I leave you: my friend Robert Boyer sent me a terrific gift as a follow-up to my Root of all Evil post — a stunningly beautiful 1978 black Nikon FE with a roll of Fuji Superia 400. This is going to prove either interesting, frustrating or a money pit… We’ll see ;)

Have a great weekend!