To the planets and beyond...

Hear that? That lazy buzzing of a cicada fading in the wind? An engine's roar as the school bus leaves the street corner? Yup, another summer for the books folks. I have to say, I hardly saw it; between Cuba, work, vacations and the kids, the entire season went by in what seems like mere days. 

The house is empty this morning and I have to admit it feels... Relaxing. My thoughts can finally gather without interruption. There's a real joy to the calmness of an empty studio, a cup of coffee and a shoot to edit.

I have a backlog of things to blog about that I'll hopefully be able to share in the coming weeks/months, but for now here's one last hurrah for summer vacations: a trip to the new Planetarium yesterday, a parting memory to stuff away somewhere in their school lockers.

Here we go... 


Shot with the X100.

Patrick La Roque

laROQUE, 311 Lorncliff, Otterburn Park, Canada