Back from Cuba...


So I'm back. Our plane landed late Friday afternoon and I took the weekend to get back to a semblance of reality. I missed my wife and kids terribly during my stay but man, what a country. Like stepping back through time — as long as you leave those god awful resorts. I don't give a damn about free drinks when everything around me feels like a bad masquerade, a diluted, dumbed down version of the incredibly rich culture thriving just outside the gates (or in our case, beyond a 50 minute drive across the sea to the mainland). The beach was beautiful but I hated that compound. 

The magic was in Santa Clara, Caibarién, Remedios.

These were peculiar circumstances, my sister getting married to someone I'd never met, struggling to keep her head above the deluge of paperwork and administrative demands until the very end. But as apprehensive as I was before leaving, I now feel as though I truly have a new family. These are wonderful people and we had an unforgettable time despite the language barrier — which eventually became little more than an afterthought with our increased intake of rum and cerveza, as a long summer's day retreated into the arms of the warm cuban night... 

Needless to say I have a lot to process, both technically and figuratively. I'm very excited about the images and I don't want to rush anything; I need to let all of this simmer for a bit. I will however have a review of the X-M1 this week since I had it with me on the trip. Just don't expect a lot of pictures from it... 'Nuff said.

A few random teaser images below. All shot with the X100S.