I needed to say goodbye. We'd just finished dinner, the kids were playing a game before bedtime... I slipped outside for a few minutes, just to give it one last run, to say farewell to a dear friend. Nothing earth shattering, nothing destined to grace the walls of galleries... Just a few incidental frames to remember it by.

I should've had the camera on loan for two weeks, tops; It stayed with me for two months. I'm very grateful to Billy and Michael at Fujifilm Canada for allowing me this time with the X100S — But now, finally, it has to go back. A waybill is coming and the box is ready, waiting.

Obviously, this is a temporary loss and I'll be purchasing one of my own as soon as possible... But not now. Life does that to you sometimes. Choices need to be made, however heartbreaking.

Here's a link to everything I've written about or shot with the camera since last March. Below are some remaining images I took in the past week as well as those last few frames.

Safe travels little one.
Safe travels.