The Movement of the Sun


I've rarely felt this trapped by a season. But spring this year has been nothing but fits and starts, winter constantly clawing its way back, refusing to die. Glacial winds annihilating the sun's rays, even as days have grown longer and birds have returned home to nest.

One morning, after hearing me rage about the weather under my breath, our youngest daughter turned to me and said "But dad... That's life."; c'est la vie. Zen wisdom and acceptance from my three year-old. Gave me pause.

Today the chill is finally subsiding. It's still out there, scratching through cloudy interludes with its blue fingers; but it's losing the battle. Finally. The girl on the radio is calling for 18ºc tomorrow; then 20º, 24º...

The movement of the sun is infallible. 

Shot with the X100S (except #11, X-Pro1 with Fujinon XF 14mm f2.8)