A Break


In case you're wondering about the lack of updates this week: it's Spring Break over here. Which means the kids are home and I'm not following my usual schedule. Family stuff.

However — and I'm not sure what this says about my parental skills but — It's very hard for me to stop reaching for the camera. Especially when Fujifilm has been nice enough to send a couple of lenses for me to try out, namely the 18-55mm zoom and the new 14mm 2.8. So I'm actually shooting A LOT. I'm waiting after a client shoot next week to share my official impressions on both lenses but I can tell you right now: I'm impressed. Very, very impressed.

A few pics of the kiddos below — all shot with the 18-55 except #6 which was shot with the 14mm...
P.S Robert Boyer has responded to our ongoing challenge with a fantastic shoot: The LaRoque Challenge - Winter 2013 Edition