Profiles | VSCO Film 01 for Fuji


When VSCO released Film 03 they had a surprise in store for Fuji shooters: honest to goodness camera profiles for the X cameras. Of course the conversation immediately shifted to: "what about the other packs? 01, 02???"

Well, this week a few prayers were answered with the release of a brand new version of VSCO Film 01 with Fuji profiles. I had the chance to work with the new presets before they were released and I've been very impressed by the results. Obviously if you already own that Film pack and an X-Cam this is a no brainer — it's a free update. If you don't own the pack it's 15% off till friday (March 29th) — add another 25% off if you've purchased from VSCO before thanks to their loyalty discount.

I hadn't used Film 01 with Lightroom; when I switched software I decided to purchase Film 02 instead. So I only knew the Aperture version of 01 — and this made the benefits of camera profiles that much clearer: they offer much more subtle tonal responses over their Standard counterparts. In many ways it almost gives you two different sets of looks to choose from.

How different are profiled versions of the same film stock from their Standard counterpart? Below are a couple of side by side examples (click to launch the lightbox and hover on the images to see the film preset that was used. F is for Fuji, S is for Standard)  —the changes can be surprisingly drastic: 

Note that the images above were shot with the X100S and a pre-release version of Film 01 profiles. The current public release doesn't include specific X100S profiles because the camera hasn't been officially tested yet.

I'm a big fan of both Film 02 and Film 03 and both have found their way in my main processing workflow. Film 01 is an interesting variation, combining what feels like much more muted and "modern" colour stocks with the intense contrast of Tri-X black and white film. This pack was a lot of fun to rediscover and I'm very happy to see these guys spending time and resources developing presets for Fuji cameras. In my mind there's like a really great match in there somewhere.

But now, of course: "02, 02, 02... Come on 02!" ;)

VSCO Film 01 is available here. More images below...

P.S. I wanted to test one of the images in Aperture 3 to see the difference. Three minutes in and the app was still beachballing, leaving my entire system unresponsive. Had to force quit. Oh well.