Sunday + Laziness | following up on VSCO Film 03


I hate waiting. I've been tracking an important print order and it's due to get here today... But of course it's now almost 4PM and still nothing. Lo-ve-ly.

Anyway I thought I'd post something while I chomp at the bit.
This short series was meant to be black and white and posted on Monday. But I decided to do the processing post instead; and then VSCO 03 came along to upset the natural order of things. Two of the images below are part of my VSCO Film 03 review but one of them has been processed differently. I'm not in the habit of posting images twice but these were meant to be shown together all along. 

Basically I'm using this to follow up on yesterday's review, now that I've had a bit more time to digest this new round of presets. I'm extremely shocked at how much I like this pack. When I first began playing with it I felt apprehensive that it might be too stereotypical, too "look at me I've got this cool new filter".  You know... Instant film and all that. But it's surprisingly complex. And when you start tweaking the colours and curves it quickly becomes really interesting. Honestly I'm only scratching the surface right now.

So I've made it 3/3 instead of all monochrome, and I have to say I kinda like how the new tones blend in with my usual bw treatment.
It suddenly feels like a brand new box of crayons...


P.S Robert Boyer is equally impressed (and btw, I have an idea for that challenge sir...!)
P.P.S Off topic but I need to give props to my buddy and Kage Collective comrade Derek Clark on his new post: really nice. This is a series that's shaping up to be extremely interesting. 
P.P.P.S Ok this is getting a bit much but: in case you missed it, do check out my other buddy Robert Catto's first Kage Collective essay Brighter.