The OTHER Big News - X100 Ver.2.0.0

This is going to be short but I couldn’t let this slip though. While today, for good reason, is all about the X-E2, there’s another news story out there: the X100 2.0.0 firmware update.

As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing short of a gigantic thank you to all of us who made the X series possible by sticking by and embracing Fujis initial foray into this new territory. I don’t want to gush too fervently and risk sounding like a shill but seriously, how many camera makers do this sort of thing?

I’ve had the good fortune of testing this for a few days and it’s impressive: focus peaking, huge improvements to AF, huge improvements to manual focussing and close focussing on par with its other X siblings. On an almost three year old camera.

The firmware update is available here. Get it, shoot it, have fun. We just got a brand new machine for free.

Below: two X100 shots from the car on my way to a shoot yesterday. Just because ;)