A Video Essay + Thoughts on KAGE

A lot of posts coming in the very near future but they have to wait. In the meantime I thought I’d give you an update on our KAGE COLLECTIVE project.

A month from now we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary. Time flies you say? No kidding. If I look at what we’ve done so far I see quite a bit of soul searching but I believe this was necessary. We dove feet first into this project and had to invent the rules and the tools along the way. The website went through major changes, we switched platforms to streamline publishing, had to postpone selling prints… Growing pains. But I believe there’s a lot of potential at the core of it all.

One thing we didn’t expect was Paul Pride’s recent move to leave KAGE, sell his X100 and shoot film exclusively. I didn’t see that one coming and I’ll admit to still being in a mild state of shock about it, given how important that camera was to his photographic universe. But we all respect his decision and wish him the very best. Life is nothing if not ever-changing…

A few weeks ago I created a short video essay for the PROXIMITY lecture I gave at the LCC. It’s based on the very first essay I did on this site, ten days before purchasing the X100, the camera that would change everything. The stills were shot on my old Nikon but I was already deep into a Fuji/Leicaesque mindset, frantically trying to get my hands on the camera I’d been reading about for months. So in a way it was almost prophetic. All video images were shot with the X-Pro1 and I edited everything in Motion 5.

I showed it to my KAGE comrades and they urged me to post it to the site, so I did. It’s our first video story and it’s entitled This Morning I found my Father’s Yashica.

If you’ve got 90 sec to spare, I’d love to know what you think.

More to come…