Seriously Exposed | David Cleland on long exposure photography

I don’t naturally gravitate towards long exposure photography. I lack the zen gene. Probably a latin thing. But I love David Cleland’s work and the passion he shares on his Flixelpix blog. Based in Ireland, David is also a fellow Fuji shooter who was involved in the X-Pro1 launch through Fujifilm UK.

With the release of The Long Exposure, he has now very effectively condensed both passion and knowledge in eBook form.

David is an educator as much as an acclaimed documentary and landscape photographer, and it shows. He’s a great communicator with a knack for distilling complex information down to its bare essentials, transforming what could’ve been a very dry topic into something clear, concise and easily understandable. He makes you want to experiment, which is probably the best compliment I can give.

The book covers everything from equipment and technique to file processing. It revolves around Adobe Lightroom but apart from the use of the clarity slider, the principles can easily be adapted to other applications (in Aperture I’d use the Blur brush to emulate negative clarity values). As a bonus, the download also includes six Lightroom presets that can be used as starting points to achieve some of the tones he’s developed over the years.

If you’re interested in the process and philosophy behind David Cleland’s images, or if you’re looking to try your hand at creating your own long exposure photographs this eBook is a no-brainer. All the images in the book were captured with a Fujifilm X-Pro1 and either the 18mm or 35mm XF lenses.


The book is $5.00 and is available through e-junkie. Click here to view more details*. Until October 6th 2012 use the discount code longoffer to get it for $4.00.

I’m almost ready to buy an ND–10 filter.

Now I just need to get myself to sit still for more than a few minutes…


*Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link and I’ll get a small kickback from sales. But I’ve been following David’s blog for a while and I would’ve written the same review no matter what.